Find out what construction management is


What is construction management


Construction management is the planning, coordination and total control of a construction process from start to finish. The objectives of construction management are to produce a project that meets customer needs within budget on time and to acceptable risk, quality and safety.

Project managers often earn their positions by proving effective management of projects of similar value. Developing team building is essential to your success in project management.

This results in a high-quality build with a consistent, harmonic progression. Good construction personnel prevent mismanagement of construction materials, project site clutter, and construction defects. In this way, the increase in the total cost of the project would be avoided.


Knowledge needed for a project manager

 A good project manager with the necessary knowledge about construction management will ensure the success of the work to a great extent. The necessary knowledge of the project manager is the following:

  1. You will need to know all aspects of the construction process with regards to managing a project.
  2. You must understand the requirements of a project: planning, control and communication.
  3. You must understand the responsibilities of the design team and site management personnel.
  4. You must have sufficient knowledge about the form of contract with respect to the impact of variations, possession, extension of the term and dispute resolution.
  5. You will need to understand the procedures for resolving disputes.

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Management skills

  1. Establish leadership skills when dealing with site management
  2. Develop a team approach among site management staff
  3. Delegate responsibility to the site administration team
  4. Maintain good site records by reporting the progress of the contract profitability status to senior managers
  5. Be competent in writing reports and communicating with senior managers, site personnel, subcontractors and the client
  6. Be able to implement company policies and procedures
  7. Act as a mentor to immediately subordinate management staff 



Teamwork is one of the essential components of the site management process. Good project managers make competent teams. Likewise, they must establish the following teams gathering skilled and competent personnel to execute the design with standards:

  1. Site management team
  2. Procurement team
  3. Topography team
  4. Site Engineer Team  


Project management plan

The project manager has to provide the work team with a roadmap on how to execute the project. Similarly, you must establish how the project is managed, executed, monitored and controlled.

Updating and reviewing the project management plan requires the manager to add details about how a new phase is managed, write down any changes to the scope of the project, and forecast the costs and schedule of the project according to parameters.

Depending on the complexity and size of the project, one or more supplementary plans, such as the quality management, risk management, and contract management plan, will be added to the project management plan. 


Construction management process

The construction management process begins with identifying user need, project constraints, resource needs, and setting realistic goals to meet strategic objectives.

This can be an iterative process as new information becomes available through the efforts of various professionals on the project. The construction phase is important because the quality of the finished project is highly dependent on the labor and construction management.

Similarly, the quality of construction depends on the integrity and quality of the contract documents prepared by the designer and three other factors: workers, field supervisors, and the quality of materials. Skilled workers and their effective management are necessary to achieve a quality project.

So far, we have shown you what construction management consists of . It is a service, where the owner of a project effectively manages the schedule, costs, quality, safety, scope and function of the project. We hope this information has been useful to you!




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